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Man Buys Fiancée Swimsuit With His Face On It So Men Won't Flirt With Her

Though jealousy is a pretty normal part of every relationship, there are definately healthy and unhealthy ways to express it. While we feel a certain sense of protectiveness over our significant others, there are fine lines between shows of "affection" that are meant to be caring, funny, or even cruel.

Sometimes, the world needs a little reminder that your SO is in fact, no longer on the market.

One prankster has gone the extra mile to ensure his bikini-obsessed fiancée doesn't catch the attention of any random guys at the beach by gifting her a custom-made bathing suit.

How exactly will it keep the boys at bay?

Well, I think it's safe to say his giant smiling face printed on the tummy is sure to do the trick.

Australian Instagrammer Pedro Cuccovillo Vitola recently posted a video in which he surprises his bride-to-be with the...*unique* gift.

Instagram | @pedrouz

At the beginning of the clip, he speaks to the camera and admits, "It's well documented that Patty loves her bikinis and I hate spending money on them."

"But this time," he continues, "I've put my feelings aside and found a good place in my heart to buy her the perfect bikini."

Instagram | @pedrouz

Seems innocent enough, right?

You'd be very wrong.

Package in hand, Pedro approaches his fiancée Patty who he finds lying on the couch, and shows her the mysterious gift.

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"It's something you put on," he explains as she excitedly eyes the package, "so you have to close your eyes and put it on and we'll do a reveal in the mirror."

Patty is then blindfolded and helped into her brand new outfit before she's placed in front of a mirror for the *grand reveal*.

Spoiler alert: it', well, interesting to say the least.

When she finally takes off the blindfold and gets a look at the suit, Patty's first reaction is to scream.

Instagram | @pedrouz

"What is that?" she asks, laughing in surprise and horror as she gives the unique suit a closer look in the mirror. "That is disgusting!"

This prompts her darling betrothed to remark, "Hey, that is my face!"

Eventually, Patty seems to warm up to the unusual swimwear as she admits it looks like a piece of pepperoni.

Instagram | @pedrouz

"I should wear this to the beach," she muses, turning on the spot so she can check out the fashion fumble from all angles.

Pedro seems to enjoy this particular reaction.

He agrees that yes, she definitely should, just in case "anybody tries to pick you up." That's definitely one way to keep away her admirers.

Watch the full video below.

Since the clip was posted on Instagram three days ago, it's racked up more than 10,000 views.

The viral prank has earned praise from plenty of amused viewers who can't get enough of Pedro's custom-made gift.

"This is gold," one user wrote, while another added, "Patty is such a good sport!"

Will this blushing bride-to-be wear her beloved's face on her tummy during her next trip to the beach? Only time will tell.