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Raw Turkey Cakes Are The Ultimate Thanksgiving Prank

Playing a prank on your family is risky business during Thanksgiving. By the time dinner is ready to be served, your brother is already tired of hearing your second cousin brag about their new cushy job in Manhattan and their penthouse condo paid by their parents.

Your drunk aunt has already cried 5 times to your partner, and your uncle's 4th wife is huddled in a corner, too fearful to take any more steps into chaos.

I guess it couldn't get any worse.

You might as well go ahead and make that raw turkey cake you saw on the Internet to really send them over the edge!

London-based cake designer Sarah Hardy is the genius behind this raw turkey cake recipe.

Instagram | @theediblemuseum

She's known for making incredibly realistic foods, animals, and even human body parts into sweet cakes that make people second guess eating them.

This one is perfect.

Instagram | @theediblemuseum

She first featured the raw turkey cake for the first time last year on her Instagram page The Edible Museum, where only 120 people liked it.

Now it's coming back in full force as another Thanksgiving approaches.

Sarah Hardy Makes

Thankfully, she has a recipe to follow so you can make one yourself.

"This tutorial is for those with some previous experience of baking and covering cakes but if you’re a beginner with a give-it-a-go attitude you should have some fun too," Sarah writes.

Sarah Hardy Makes

If you want to see your family utterly grossed out, you will have no problem persevering.

I would do anything to make this for Gordon Ramsay and have him yell, "It's RAW!!!!" at me, tbh.

Jokes on him, though, because it's completely cooked!

It's hard to believe this is edible and you won't get sick from it.

Sarah Hardy Makes

And that's precisely why it must be made.

As Brad Leone from Bon Appétit says, "have some fun."

Happy Turkey Day!

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