Amy Haehl | Coffee Creek Studio

Newborns Dressed As Clark Griswold And Cousin Eddie From 'Christmas Vacation' Are Adorably Iconic

You know what's a winning combination? Dressing up newborns as nostalgic movie characters. It's adorable and funny all in one shot. And it's something that Indiana-based photographer Amy Haehl is fully aware of, which is why she staged the cutest photo shoot you'll see all Christmas: two newborns dressed as Clark Griswold and Cousin Eddie from 'Christmas Vacation.'

It's a beloved Christmas classic.

Who doesn't love re-watching the Griswolds' antics every year around Christmastime? Personally, I used to have a neighbor whose Christmas lights could rival Clark's.

It just doesn't feel like Christmas until I re-watch this movie.

Between Clark's enduring optimism and Christmas spirit, and Cousin Eddie's non-stop social gaffes, I find myself simultaneously swelling with Christmas cheer and rolling on the floor laughing.

These two little newborns dressed as my favorite characters are almost as effective at getting me into the spirit of things as the movie itself.

Amy Haehl | Coffee Creek Studio

Amy said that this photo shoot blended her two greatest loves: movies and newborns. This project in particular has been on her mind for some time and she's been gathering props for a while. It paid off, too. The attention to detail — right down to the burning Christmas tree and singed cat — is impressive.

The photographer also recreated iconic scenes like Clark daydreaming about the lingerie saleswoman.

Amy Haehl | Coffee Creek Studio

Throughout the movie, Clark dreams about being able to build a swimming pool in his backyard for his family to enjoy. But that doesn't stop him from imagining the beautiful lingerie saleswoman from showing up and taking a dip.

But this depiction of Cousin Eddie asleep in the snow might take the cake.

Amy Haehl | Coffee Creek Studio

She even made sure his iconic RV is in the background.

Amy said that the most difficult part about recreating these scenes was getting all the details and props to look authentic. But I'd say, mission accomplished!