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81-Year-Old Anthony Hopkins Says He'll Never Retire: 'I’ll Go On Working Until I Drop'

When it comes to retiring, most people can't wait for the fateful day they leave the world of the workforce and enter blissful retirement!

I mean, I've only been working full time for ONE year and I'm ready for my retirement, lol.

You know who isn't ready for such a fate? Anthony Hopkins!

Anthony is currently promoting his role as Pope Benedict XVI in the Netflix film "The Two Popes" and admits he's a "workaholic."

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"I act; I paint; I play music; I read a lot. It keeps the brain active."

"I’ll go on working until I drop," he told the publication.

The 81-year-old actor recently talked about his plans for the future in the Dec/Jan issue of the AARP Magazine.

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He is showing no signs of slowing down!

Anthony says his wife Stella Arroyave is the only reason he knows how to take a break.

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"Stella is good at keeping me in a harness," he joked.

"I spend hours in the studio painting, and she’ll come in and say, ‘Enough.’ I don’t have much common sense."

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Stella is currently working on a documentary about her husband's life.

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"One of my teachers told her I was a mystery [when I was young],” he revealed.

"I didn’t speak to other kids; I didn’t play sports; I didn’t even go to the school plays. But I was tired of being called stupid, and I thought, ‘One day I’ll show you all.’ And I became this other person. My career took off."

Did it ever!

Way to go, Anthony!

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