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'Will & Grace's' Chris Pratt Joke Was Cleared By Katherine Schwarzenegger First

Well, it's good to know that they're asking each other permission before taking little jabs at each other. I wonder if Family Guy ever asks anyone permission before making fun of them...

Probably not.

But it's nice to see that these celebs respect each other that way!

So that 'Will & Grace' reboot is still going strong.


Good to see that the people over there are working, and working hard!

But a recent episode actually had a little jab at a celebrity in it, and the backstory behind it may surprise you...

So Sean Hayes' character, Jack McFarland, appears on 'Rachel Ray'.

And he talks about his new diet. One he calls the "bible diet", and while on this diet you can only eat fruits, vegetables and unleavened bread.

But that's when the line comes.

He says it's a diet that: “Only God and Chris Pratt eat.”


Playing off the fact that Chris Pratt is super Christian.

But Sean Hayes didn't want to ruffle feathers, so apparently he texted Chris' wife, Katherine Schwarzenegger with a picture of the script before he shot it.

And he asked her: "Katherine, is this OK to say about Chris?"


And she replied:

"It’s hilarious!"

Well, it's good to see that everyone has a pretty good sense of humor around Chris Pratt's household.

I would hope so, Mr. Pratt seems like such a funny guy. And so does Mrs. Schwarzenegger.

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