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Video Of Alec Baldwin 'Saving' A Possum In New York Is Going Viral

When it comes to Alec Baldwin, you might not automatically think "animal hero" but his daughter Ireland is set to change that with her latest Instagram video.

Alec Baldwin is best know for his time on "30 Rock" as well as a killer Donald Trump impression.

And I mean like, a lot other things too but these are my two most notable roles so we're sticking with these!

Saturday Night Live legend!

Alec has five children. His oldest, Ireland Baldwin, is a supermodel and actress.

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And apparently an awesome videographer, as she was able to capture the moment her dad helped save a possum in New York City earlier this week.

"You may think my dad @alecbaldwininsta is a particularly angry guy but in reality, he has a mushy oatmeal heart," wrote Ireland on her Instagram.

"And he saves New York possums from being stuck in window bars!!" she wrote, alongside this video of Alec helping a possum escape.

"This is so awesome! Love this," one fan wrote.

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"Awe a big heart!" wrote another.

PETA even shared their appreciation for the actor's kind deed: "OUR HEARTS! He is an amazing friend to animals! Thank you for capturing this special moment and inspiring people with his compassion!"

However, some fans questioned if the possum needed saving at all: "Is this animal actually stuck? He looks like he can get out if he wants to and your dad is just fucking around with him. Regardless of good intention sometimes we should let nature be," wrote one fan.

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I think it's safe to say the possum was thankful for the helping hand. Way to go, Alec!

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