Mom Invites Entire Class To Her Son's Party Except For One Boy With Autism And People Are Calling Her Out

It can feel like a delicate political game sometimes when you're planning your kid's birthday party. Who should get invited? Who shouldn't? In most cases, parents just opt to invite all the kids in the class to make sure no one feels left out.

But one mom recently took to Reddit to say that she threw her son a birthday party and invited all the kids in his class, except for one autistic boy. Needless to say, the Reddit community was not pleased.

'I just want my son to have a good party.'

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The mom claims that her motivation was to make sure that her son's party went off without a hitch. She also claimed that she was concerned the environment wouldn't be suitable for the boy with autism — who she called 'David' — as the arcade would be loud.

She worried that there had been 'incidents' with the boy in the past.

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"From what I know about him and his mother they are just doing their best, and I have nothing against either of them," she wrote. "However, there have been incidents with David before."

Ironically, she also admitted that the reports of the boy's 'incidents' were hearsay, and that she didn't even fully believe them.

'David's' mom reached out to her.


Word quickly spread that 'David' had been excluded, and his mother reached out to express her disappointment.

"She told me that I am awful for excluding her son and that i'm teaching my son to discriminate."

The poster then asked: Am I the a**hole?

Many people weighed in to side with 'David's' mom.

The response was overwhelmingly negative toward the poster. Most people accused her of perpetuating discrimination against people with disabilities, and called her out for not seeking advice from 'David's' mom or his teacher before deciding to exclude him from the party.

They also pointed out that children with autism, like 'David,' are often unfairly excluded.


"There's a kid with HFA [high-functioning autism] in my daughter's class," one poster wrote. "When she had her first 'friends' birthday party, she invited him. His parents were really emotional when they RSVPd....'He doesn't really get invited to stuff....ever.'"

The overwhelming sentiment was that the mom was in the wrong.

Nearly everyone agreed that the mom was wrong to exclude 'David' from the party, and that it was especially heartless to have her son hand out invitations at school knowing that this child would not receive one.

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