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Target Is Selling Mini Pink Tinsel Christmas Trees For $3, Perfect For Tiny Spaces

As much as I love decorating for the holidays, I haven't been able to get into the spirit this year. Now, I am in the spirit in general, but I am essentially a full-sized human being living in a real life dollhouse.

AKA there is absolutely no ounce of room for decorating for funsies!

Except Target is selling the cutest tiny pink tinsel Christmas trees that I'm pretty sure I could squeeze onto my TV stand.

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I mean, I would make room for this is what I'm saying.

You can absolutely decorate them as you would a large Christmas tree.

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You may want to hold back on the heavier ornaments, but there's no reason for it to stand on its own, cold, bare, and , lonely.

These would almost be perfect for a bedroom, whether you're a student in a shared house or you have a child that would love a sparkly pink tree in their room.

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They're $3 and reside in the dollar section, so make sure you give your local Target's a skim before you continue on your way!

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