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Halsey Tweets About Her Grammy Snub: 'The Biggest Song Of My Career Wasn’t Nominated'

Singer Halsey, is painfully aware that she will not be awarded a Grammy Award in 2020. So, she took to Twitter to vent over the "biggest song of" her career not getting nominated.

Surely in the last couple of years, you've heard a Halsey hit.

Her music has been backed by every pop radio station and streaming playlist I can think of.

So far, it has looked like her career has been nothing but on the rise.

Songs like, "Without Me", "Eastside", and "Die For Me" have racked up millions upon millions of streams.

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And yet, somehow, Halsey was nominated for zero Grammy Awards.

The nominations were announced yesterday, with Lizzo, obviously, in the lead holding eight nominations.

Ariana Grande, Billie Eilish, Lil Nas X, H.E.R, and Khalid are also big players on the list of nominees.

Anyway, the news of Halsey not being nominated for anything, evidently, came as a surprise to her and her fan base.

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When she woke up and realized she hadn't been nominated in a single category, she took to Twitter to protest.

In a since-deleted tweet she wrote:

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“I just woke up and the biggest song of my career wasn’t nominated," she wrote.

“Can u guys not take ur anger out on me for once or," she continued.

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However, her tweet was not well-received.

She actually faced a ton of backlash.

She quickly removed the tweet after realizing she didn't want to come off as a sore loser.

Instead, she decided to take a more gracious and humble approach.

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Humble queen!

She tweeted, telling her fans to stand down — as they were also disappointed that Halsey didn't get nominated for the Grammy they think she deserves.

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“My fans, please do not waste your anger or frustration," she wrote.

"I see a lot of you are upset. of course im sad too," she continued.

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She assured her fans that being validated by being nominated for a Grammy is not a priority.

"None of it matters. literally none of it."

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She explained that as long as she has her fans and she is still making music, everything will remain exactly how it's been.

“You’re here. im here. + everything is gonna stay exactly the same," she added.

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"And without me is still a super tight, record breaking song.”

Damn right it is!

She went on to congratulate those that were nominated, and acknowledge other artists whose names she feels should have also made the list.

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It's sort of just the nature of award shows — if everyone made the list, it would lose its prestige.

“Congrats to the nominees. so much great music nominated this year," she wrote.

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"Definitely see a lot of my friends and colleagues missing from the nom lists," she added.

"But the music speaks! this is how it goes every year right?"

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“Deleting and ignoring all negativity," she continued.

She went on to express her disappointment that K-pop group BTS also got snubbed.

"BTS deserved many nominations. I am however, unsurprised that they weren’t acknowledged," she explained.

She justified not being nominated by claiming that the US is just not on her level yet.

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“The US is so far behind on the whole movement. the time will come," she concluded.

Keep your chin up, Halsey! If it's any consolation, it took Leonardo DiCaprio 25 years to win an Academy Award.

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Let us know what you think of Halsey's reaction to not being nominated for a Grammy Award!