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Algae-Filled 'Living' Chandelier Helps Naturally Purify The Air In Your Home

Many of us decorate our homes with a plethora of houseplants, bringing in a little taste of the outdoors to liven up our rooms. The only problem is, many people think houseplants help purify the air in the home, and that may unfortunately be fake news. I know, I'm kind of sad about it too. Hey! At least they look pretty?

However, that doesn't mean it couldn't be different.

London-based engineer and designer Julian Melchiorri designed a 'living' chandelier created a stylish eco-friendly chandelier made with 'bionic' algae-filled leaves, and it's a major step in improving people's lives during climate change.

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I know, it's sort of wild to think about. A living decor piece?

The chandelier project is aptly named 'Exhale' and is the first of its kind in the whole world.

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According to Melchiorri, the photosynthesis of the algae leaves in the chandelier work to purify the air.

This is not only possible from the natural light from the window, but also the actual light bulb within the chandelier's structure.

Not only is Melchiorri's chandelier made from nature, but the whole structure is meant to mimic the natural shape of plants untouched by humans.

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The incredible handmade metal structure holds 70 single leaves that are three different sizes.

The chandelier is then connected to a life-support-unit device which helps nourish the algae and keep the chandelier alive.

It's actually a gorgeous statement piece, with a mesmerizing kaleidoscope design and super delicate stained glass-like leaves.

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It currently resides at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, so if you're in that neck of the woods, you should definitely check it out!

Read more about Julian and his project on his website.

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