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A Florida Resort Has A Gigantic Bloody Mary Bar With 75 Different Food Toppings To Pair With Your Drink

There's nothing like a Bloody Mary to start off your day when you're on vacation. It has all the necessary breakfast nutrients: tomato juice for a shot of vitamin C, hot sauce to clear any toxins from your system, celery for added hydration, and alcohol for, um, disinfecting your body. It's basically a smoothie.

At the Naples Grande Beach Resort in Naples, Florida, however, you can make your morning Bloody Mary a full meal thanks to their gigantic Bloody Mary bar that includes 75 different food toppings for your drink, resulting in a whopping 48,000 possible combinations.

The resort is all about enjoyment and relaxation.

Naples Grande Beach Resort

Situated on the stunning Gulf of Mexico, the Naples Grande Beach Resort is a beachfront property that offers golf, tennis courts, a spa, and swimming pools for the ultimate getaway.

There are loads of food options and possibly the world's greatest brunch.

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The resort features seven drinking and dining venues, including a pool bar that serves baja-inspired fare, an upscale cosmopolitan restaurant, and an espresso bar with top of the line coffee and light breakfast options. But its crowning jewel is the weekend brunch at the Catch of the Pelican restaurant.

The Bloody Mary bar allows guests to create their own drinks, essentially allowing you to be your own mixologist.

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The weekend brunch features a huge Bloody Mary bar with a whopping 75 different toppings that you can add to your drink. Choose from standards like olives, tomatoes, bacon, and celery, or more exotic add-ons like egg rolls, empanadas, mozzarella sticks, prosciutto, and fried ravioli.

Options don't end at the food toppings, though.

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You can further customize your drink with various glass rim choices including Peruvian chile citrus salt, white truffle, or Sriracha salt, and hot sauces like El Yucateo Chipotle Tabasco and Green Tabasco. Of course, you can also choose your own poison: vodka or tequila with homemade or green Bloody Mary mix.

You can opt for bottomless drinks, which sounds deliciously dangerous.

You can have one customized, super inventive Bloody Mary for $14, or you can opt for bottomless drinks for $35, which frankly sounds amazing.

It doesn't end at Bloody Marys. There's also a mimosa bar.

For those who are looking for a lighter morning choice, the same brunch menu also features a mimosa bar with options that include different juices and fruit toppings. Bottoms up!

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