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Crafters Are Making Mittens And Pouches For Animals Burned In Australia Fires

Australia is currently struggling with a fire crisis as hot, dry air and high winds move flames faster than crews can fight them back.

The effects have been devastating, particularly for the continent's native and vulnerable wildlife.

Wildlife rescues are working 24/7 to do everything they can to help.

Food and water stations are being set-up for those left in the wild and injured animals are being taken in by shelters and clinics across the country.

Many of those injured animals are suffering from severe burns.

Treatment requires a lot of ointment, dressings, and around-the-clock care.

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And with so many individual groups involved in the effort, it can be hard to know where to send money or supplies to help.

The Rescue Collective is a non-profit dedicated to collecting and distributing donations and they're working triple-time to help all the smaller groups in Australia help as many animals as they need, by distributing food and medical supplies.

But if you've ever tried to keep a pet from licking a medicated cream from their paws, then you know how tough it would be with a wild animal.

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That's why in addition to the money needed to purchase supplies, The Rescue Collective has reached out to crafters for help.

To help all the injured or displaced animals, rescues need plenty of sewn and knitted items.

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Such as koala mittens made from 100% cotton fabric, which allow the treated paws to breathe while preventing the animal from harming itself.

Rescues also need pouches for joeys separated from their moms, wool nests for displaced birds and rodents, and other animal-specific items.

And boy, have the crafters turned out in droves.

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Using approved patterns supplied by Facebook groups like the Animal Rescue Craft Guild, hundreds of crafters have raided their off-cuts and local fabric stores to help.

If you aren't a crafter, but still want to help, you can donate to rescue efforts through The Rescue Collective's fundraising page or through a GoFundMe campaign created by the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital.

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