10+ Best Christmas TV Show Episodes

These ladies and gentlemen are the best Christmas TV episodes of all time. No particular order, so just watch these as you wish.

But be warned, these things are bound to infect you with the Christmas spirit.

After all, it's the most wonderful time of the year.

'The Office': "Christmas Party"


This one is hilarious.

From changing Secret Santa to White Elephant to the 15 bottles of vodka line, this episode is not only a great Christmas episode but one of the most classic Office episodes.

'It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia': "A Very Sunny Christmas"


This episode from Season 6 is probably one of the funniest episodes you'll see here, and that's saying a lot!

There's some Christmas hookers, Charlie beats up Santa Claus, it's great!

'Curb Your Enthusiasm': "Mary, Joseph, and Larry"


Everyone loves how the small things that Larry David does in Curb Your Enthusiasm is what leads to him screwing up by the end of the episode.

This Christmas one is no different. If only he didn't eat those cookies.

'Friends': "The One With The Holiday Armadillo"


This season 7 episode had Ross desperately trying to get his son into Christmas with a ridiculous Armadillo costume.

Let's just say things escalate quickly and get even funnier from there.

'Black Mirror': "White Christmas"


This is Christmas done in the Black Mirror way. It features some wacky flashbacks, some John Hamm, and of course, an awesome twist ending.

Check it out on Netflix this Christmas... if you dare.

'Doctor Who': "A Christmas Carol"


There have been a lot of different versions of A Christmas Carol.

But this one has all the great stuff from the original book, plus a little bit of Doctor Who thrown in there.

'South Park': "Woodland Critter Christmas"

Comedy Central

The 8th season of South Park was a powerhouse, and it's no surprise that their best Christmas episode is in there.

This woodland critter Christmas story seems pretty standard until they put the patented South Park spin on things...

'Lizzie McGuire': "Xtreme Xmas"


If you couldn't tell that this Season 2 episode of Lizzie McGuire was from the 2000s, look no further than the fact that there are two Xs in the name.

It's totally Xtreme!

'Gilmore Girls': "The Bracebridge Dinner"


The wacky antics of the Gilmore Girls really come out during this Season 2 episode.

There's flirting, there's some neuroticism and of course, we get to see the beauty of a snowy Stars Hollow.

'How I Met Your Mother': "How Lily Stole Christmas"


The whole story of this Season 2 episode is around that one time Ted called Lily a... "grinch" one Christmas.

Thank goodness he tones the language down so I don't have too.

'Seinfeld': "The Strike"


This episode may not deal with Christmas directly, but it earns a spot on this list for introducing the world to Festivus.

Get your aluminum poles out people, let's celebrate!

'Futurama': "Xmas Story"

A season 2 episode that will live on in our hearts forever, this one focuses on an evil robot Santa who comes out on Christmas to kill anyone outside their houses.

'Arrested Development': "Afternoon Delight"


Like the song it's named after, this season 2 episode brings a lot of delight to your Christmas.

Michael tries really hard to raise morale by throwing a Christmas party, and things go the way you'd expect.

'Bob's Burgers': "Christmas In The Car"


From the fourth season of Bob's Burgers, this episode pays some homage to Duel, the first movie Steven Speilberg ever directed. And it has a Christmas theme!

Way to trim the tree on November 1st, Linda.