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Hilary Duff Shared New Behind-The-Scenes Photo Into 'Lizzie McGuire' Revival

Finally, we get to see a little bit about the new Lizzie Maguire reboot.

For months and months, we've been waiting on something, anything to come up about this reboot.

First up: GORDO IS BACK!!!! We are so happy to see that the duo will be interacting once more!

Remember getting home from school, grabbing a snack and watching 'Lizzie McGuire'?

Well, now you can do that again with this new Lizzie Maguire reboot coming to Disney+ (except school is replaced with work and the snack is replaced with vodka mixed with some gas station orange juice).

Recently, Lizzie herself has been getting into the spirit of things.

She brought back the iconic Lizzie McGuire haircut, and all the little Mcguirites out there had their hearts skip a happy little beat when they saw it on her Instagram story.

But there's more, folks.

She also shared this photo from the set on her Instagram.

Could this be an actual shot from the show? Does Hilary Duff really still look that young?

If so, we should feel pretty excited.

How do you feel about the 'Lizzie McGuire' reboot?


Is it going to be the reason that you finally pick up Disney+?

Or are you more of a drinking off-tasting screwdrivers to Dave The Barbarian kind of person?