'That '70s Show' Cast Discussing Possible Movie Reunion

Reunion, reunion, reunion! That's all people can talk about these days: whether or not their old favorite shows are going to come back, with the cast reuniting. And you know what?

I love it.

And even if you hate the fact that all the oldies are coming back, you can't stop it!

'That's 70s Show' is one of the great American sitcoms.


There are almost as many fans for That's 70s Show as there are for Friends and Seinfeld.

So, naturally, since the show's end, people have been dying for the band to get back together.

And it may be happening.


According to Wilmer Valderrama.

For those of you who don't know, Mr. Valderrama played the fan-favorite Fez during the show's run.

Recently, he's been doing tours to promote NCIS and his own company, WV Enterprises.

Of course, during one interview, a question about 'That 70s Show' came up


And the possibility that the cast might do a reunion.

He replied:

"We have had a conversation about a That's '70s movie. And we have had a conversation about, 'Can this be real? Can it happen?' We’re up for it."

Unfortunately, it probably won't be coming any time soon.


"There is nothing in the works right now, and I believe all of us are a little too busy right now to make it happen."

So expect a 'That 2030s Show' where all of them are old-age.