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Walmart Is Selling A Snickers Ice Cream Cake Loaded With Chopped Snickers

The thought of eating a Snickers just makes my mouth water. There's something about the layers of creamy nougat topped with sweet gooey caramel, salty and crunchy peanuts, and milk chocolate coating that is just utterly divine.

Mix all those flavors and textures with ice cream? Consider the game O V E R.

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Taking inspiration from Alex Delany of Bon Appetit's YouTube series "Alex Eats It All," I would label this the "Dirty Play Ice Cream Cake" — you get home, cook yourself a nice balanced dinner that you feel pretty good about eating, pop on some Netflix, sink into your couch, and proceed to sink your fork or spoon right into the cake with no regard for potential prospects to share it with.

It's a dirty play for a dirty good product. I also just call it self care.

There's very little information online about this product, but its detail isn't difficult to see.


We've got a vanilla ice cream loaded with pieces of Snickers candy and ribbons of caramel, which is surrounded by a hefty mound of chocolate chips, topped with more Snickers pieces, caramel drizzle, and lined with a beautiful nougat whipped cream that looks like a delectable crown molding fit for a royal household.

Ou. Here's a closeup for your viewing pleasure.


According to Walmart's website, the cake goes for $12.97, and you can check to see if its available in your local Walmart.

Do yourself a favor and pick one up. Because, remember: you're not you when you're hungry.

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