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Body Positive Influencers Proudly Flaunt Their Bellies In Bikinis To Prove 'Bloating Is Cute'

Social media platforms have been great spaces to normalize various body types outside of the very narrow tropes of the image of the body standardized by mainstream and print media. Pretty much anyone can open a social media account, and this has been great for creating community in the face of divisive topics commonly ignored by mass media, such as the body.

While we've come a long way from glorifying thin bodies, the stomach is still an area of the body positive movement that is largely ignored or dismissed in the conversation.

Australian Instagram influencer Ariella Nyssa is working to change that.

Instagram | @ariellanyssa

Ariella is known for proudly and confidently flaunting her body in swimsuits and shows the realities of the unedited and unposed body, helping to make others feel "normal" in their own skin.

Recently, she and her friend Karina Irby dedicated an Instagram post to their bloated bellies.

"Wait you don’t think bloating is cute?," Ariella began.

Instagram | @ariellanyssa

"NEWS FLASH: bloating is normal and just because I don’t have a six pack doesn’t mean I’m not beautiful."

She continued, "Just because I don’t have a flat stomach all day everyday doesn’t mean I have to feel “embarrassed” or “ashamed” of my body."

"You bloat, I bloat, EVERYBODY BLOATS! Don’t you dare feel inferior for it."

Instagram | @ariellanyssa

Everybody, say it together now!

The post has over 32,000 likes and is filled with such positive comments, especially people relating to constantly feeling bloated and praising the fact that there are women who look similar to their own bodies.

The ladies' message is: just because your stomach sticks out and you don't have visible definition of your stomach, it doesn't mean you're unhealthy or unworthy of feeling beautiful.

As someone who is bloated 99% of my day, feeling my belly push on my belted jeans as I speak and dreaming of the clock striking 5pm so I can run home and throw on some sweatpants, Ariella's post is necessary AF.

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