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'Sin City' To Get Reboot Treatment As TV Show

Yes, Sin City fans, it seems that the franchise may just return to the small screen. After two movies, we finally get to see a third adaptation... with the same cast?

I suppose in the endless list of reboots and revivals, we couldn't escape this one!

We all remember 'Sin City'.

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It was that awesomely styled movie that was all in black and white, save some blood and Eva Green's eyes.

It was dark, it was gritty, it was in your face...

And we want more!

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More I say!

Well, we may be getting more. According to a report by Deadline, Robert Rodriguez (the guy who helped direct the first two movies) may be returning to run a show based on the series.

Apparently, Legendary Television is guaranteeing a first season of the show...

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And possibly more depending on the TV network or, let's face it, probably streaming service that picks them up.

They're also planning an animated R-Rated prequel to the series, much like The Killing Joke was animated and R-Rated.

Here's what we know so far:

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Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller (the guys who wrote the comics) are in talks to executive produce.

The guy who helped produce the Sin City: A Dame To Kill For, Stephen L'Heureux, is also in talks to produce.

Finally, the CEO of Frank Miller's production company, Silenn Thomas, will also be producing.