11+ Stunning One-Line Tattoos For People Who Like to Keep It Simple

Getting a tattoo is a huge personal decision. Whether you decide on a simple or an elaborate design, it's always a tough choice. There are so many different ideas and techniques to consider as well.

So today I'm showing you yet another cool idea that may make your decision easier... or maybe harder depending on how you look at it. Nonetheless, these one-line tattoos are so creative.

1. This Simple Flower

Flowers are very popular when it comes to tattoos, but you don't always need to go for lots of color. This simple tattoo is so pretty.

2. This Flower And Face Combo

Speaking of flowers, this is such a unique idea. I love how this rose cleverly turns into a face. That's so cool.

3. This Encouraging Piece

Sometimes a person needs a little reminder that when things get tough, you gotta hang in there. I love the sentiment and execution here.

4. This Musical Tattoo

This is such an awesome idea for a one-line tattoo. It would be a perfect choice for a music lover. What a clever tattoo design.

5. This Whale

I'm totally digging this unique tattoo here. This is a perfect example of a black and white tattoo that still packs a punch in the design department.

6. These Faces

What a stunning tattoo idea. This tattoo evokes so much emotion with just a few lines. That's what I like about these one-line tattoos when they're done well.

7. This Silhouette

Who knew that just a simple silhouette tattoo can look so effective? I have to admit I haven't looked into this particular tattoo technique enough.

8. This Map Tattoo

If you're an avid traveler this tattoo might just appeal to you. This is definitely a very cool tattoo design which has been executed to perfection.

9. This Tree

Wow, I've never seen a tree portrayed quite like this in a tattoo design. This looks so intresting. Don't you think? Amazing line work here.

10. This Abstract Design

A cool pattern or a circular design is totally perfect for a one-line tattoo. You just have to make sure your artist has a steady hand.

11. This One-Line Idea

A one-line tattoo doesn't necessarily have to be overly simplistic. In this case, the tattoo design is quite elaborate but still evokes that one-line feel.

12. This Dog

I've always wanted to get a tattoo of my dog who passed away. Perhaps the one-line tattoo might be the right choice. Hmmm, decisions, decisions.

13. This Cat

Wow, even though this is a one-line tattoo I can't believe there's so much detail here. This tattoo makes the cat totally pop. What an awesome piece.

14. This Bunny

Oh, how absolutely adorable is this simple, yet creative bunny tattoo? This is a one-line tattoo I can definitely get behind. This is so cute.

15. This Owl

There is something really interesting about owls. They're so wise beyond their years, or at least, they just seem to be. This tattoo is awesome in its own way.

16. This Two-Faced Piece

Why settle for just one face when you can have two-in-one, right? This tattoo is such a cool and creative way to do a one-line tattoo.

17. This Cool Bird

Birds, in general, are so cool to observe. They're such fascinating creatures. This awesome tattoo is definitely a minimalist's dream. Isn't it? I love it.

18. This Gentle Dancer

Ever since I can remember, I've always loved to dance. I used to spend hours doing so. This tattoo reminds me of those good old days.

19. This Abstract Flower

Is it a rose or a poppy? I can't really tell but I love how abstract this tattoo makes this flower look. Such a great job.

20. This Stallion

Speaking of abstract pieces, this design has a similar technique. You can vaguely see it's a horse but then again maybe you see something else? It's up to your interpretation.

21. This Promise

If there's something that you've always wanted to have etched upon your skin that sends a message the one-line tattoo technique can definitely do it justice.

22. This Stingray

I find stingrays such mesmerizing creatures the way they float in the water. It can be hard to capture their essence but this tattoo does it.

I had no idea how creative and interesting one-line tattoos can be.

I need to look into this technique some more. These designs are all unique in their own way.

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