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39 Clever Ideas That Really Should Be Everywhere By Now

For every tiny, iterative change to an iPhone there is a huge press event. Which is fine if you're into that, but for most of us, we'll get a new phone when we need one and unless the upgrade gives unlimited battery life, it's not going to change our day-to-day life.

That's why I love it when people share these small little innovations they've discovered that could actually make a difference. Sometimes that difference is small, sure, but it's measurable and for some people, life-changing.

Privacy in public bathrooms really shouldn't be a novelty.

Reddit | kiwiasbro

But it is, and that's why this stall door having a bristled edge for privacy is making this list.

It's clever and it should be everywhere by now.

This elevator has an extra alarm button near the floor.

Reddit | xkaia

This is great, because if someone is hurt, they may not be able to get up to reach the one up with the floor selection buttons.

Not every color blind person can afford those fancy corrective lenses, but that doesn't mean they can't enjoy natural beauty.

Reddit | aegist1

Apparently, Tennessee has 11 of these viewers installed around the state.

Easily grab a slice of pizza with just a simple addition to the standard packaging.

Yu Kyung Ha, Won Min Jung & Kwon Young Hee

Plenty of pizza places use cardboard circles to easily transfer the pies to boxes, but this adds extra flaps around the outside so that you can easily slide a slice out without getting sauce all over your fingers.

Many hotels provide individual use soaps, etc. but forget about the awfulness of a shared TV remote.

Reddit | wetwilly2140

This hotel sanitizes the remotes between every visitor. The package they're put in after cleaning is even recyclable.

If we want more people to bike instead of drive, more stations like this should become commonplace.

Reddit | reiner_09

They're far cheaper to install than a new gas station.

This one is out front of a school and includes an air pump with some of the most commonly needed tools.

Flush with your foot instead of your bare hand.

Reddit | BradleyC5922

No one likes touching the flushing handle in public restrooms and automatic ones never seem to flush at the right time. This is a great alternative, assuming there is still an option for people with limited mobility.

I'm constantly forgetting about sunscreen, so having stations like this one available is awesome.

Reddit | toasterspork

In my defence, I spend as little time outdoors as my pale, introverted self can manage, so sunscreen doesn't come up often enough to be routine.

These sandals have a secret in their soles too.

Reddit | 60svintage

But instead of winter safety, this one is all about summer fun. Those are bottle openers.

Some busses in Finland have a button to thank the driver.

Reddit | Goat_Juice

This is in addition to the buttons for indicating you'd like to get off at the next stop.

As an introvert with social anxiety, I love this idea, because it would allow me to more easily show appreciation without having to actually talk to a stranger.

Don't forget, your puppers needs a drink on a hot summer day too.

Reddit | rubenmleon

This water fountain has a unique design that allows water to flow down to into a smaller basin for dogs to drink from.

This simple sign could prevent a lot of accidents.

Reddit | [deleted]

Especially for truck drivers who aren't exactly confident in the size of their load.

I don't know about you, but I don't like touching bathroom door handles after I've just washed my hands.

Reddit | happysunbear

This restaurant's bathroom actually has a little foot lever at the bottom of the door so you can get out without having to touch anything with your freshly-cleaned hands.

Why not squeeze in a quick workout while you wash your delicates?

Reddit | IGiveSmallTips

Simply adding some gym equipment to a laundry room makes for an impromptu workout. What else are you going to do while waiting for your loads to finish?

I'm honestly not surprised that this is a Canadian campaign.

Reddit | Holmes870

These bottles of alcohol came with a free transportation token to ensure everyone gets a safe ride home after a night of drinking. How thoughtful, Canada!

These batteries are totally reusable thanks to their rechargeable ports.

Reddit | Skyraider37

Once you've used up all the juice, simply plug the battery in and charge it just like you would your phone. Then, bam! Your battery is ready to go again! No waste necessary!

While it's certainly nothing new to get candy from a vending machine, this one's a little different.

Reddit | sharkie174

As you may have notice, you select your options much like you would with a soda machine, and it's set up that way because this machine is refrigerated much like the soda variants are.

So no need to worry about ending up with melted chocolate.

These stairs convert into a lift at the touch of a button.

Reddit | Mariellie

Some buildings may have difficulty installing a ramp for accessibility purposes, but if this catches on, that won't be their only option.

There's a phone screen protector that overlays Braille over the screen to make phones more user-friendly for blind people.

Reddit | KrispAlien

And in case it seems like it'll take a whole lot of misclicks before the user actually knows what they're touching, toggling voiceover mode prevents this by making users double click to actually activate apps.

But while recent years have seen Braille become increasingly present in our daily lives, some pioneers thought of including it decades ago.

Reddit | Fred_Utter_Sails

Fittingly, anyone who purchased a copy of Stevie Wonder's classic album Talking Book back when it came out would be able to realize it no matter their level of vision.

With these expanded traffic lights in Kiev, Ukraine, it becomes even clearer as to when drivers and pedestrians are allowed to move.

Reddit | trznx

You'll also note that some of these lights shine from the ground. Presumably, th

A lot of gas stations will make gloves available for anybody trying to pump diesel.

Reddit | emoney107

This feature is apparently common in Germany, the U.K., and Belgium. So if it's not a thing where you are, it definitely should be.

Although clickbait is annoying and persistent part of exploring the internet today, it can apparently have its uses.

Reddit | mnorthwood13

For instance, there's a chance that enticing people towards something "shocking" in their benefit package might make them more likely to pay attention to what's in it.

It always helps to give customers a catchy shorthand for your design variations, and this is a particularly clever one.

Reddit | DrSchwebel

People have been finding common ground with Friends characters for over 20 years by now, so it shouldn't take them long to figure out which one's taste matches theirs the best.

While some substitutes for plastic straws work better than others, these ones made from straw are an interesting idea.

Reddit | ChronicallySad

Considering that pasta straws have already demonstrated their value as practical and sturdy options, this also seems like it's on the right track.

For customers who feel lucky, this vending machine presents an interesting opportunity.

Reddit | escabert

They're only charging 35 cents per can of soda, but the catch is that the customer has no idea which one they're ending up with.

It really calls our bluff when we say we don't care which one we get.

This diner displays all the hats that customers left behind over the years.

Reddit | Lore_of_metal

Whether this is supposed to serve as just decoration or a more hands-off lost and found depends on how confident the customers are, I guess.

This polymer is known as "magic snow" and it can apparently absorb several hundred times its weight in water.

Reddit | Thund3rbolt

While the uses for such a substance are probably pretty specific, it's also super fascinating to see what starts as a fine powder puff up like this.

Although we've all seen pull-out couches, this one takes that principle to some surprising new heights.

Reddit | CoolDiamond164

That's right, someone actually managed to develop a couch that pulls out into a full bunk bed.

Sleeping on it won't feel as cramped, but moving it must be a tough job.

This store has a thoughtful little "parking spot" for their customers' dogs.

Reddit | adiwet

Although there are probably good reasons why non-service animals can't come in here, this at least lets us know that it's not because the owners are grumpy.

This sign was probably very much appreciated because this is never a comforting sight.

Reddit | TheSplashFamily

Even taking the assurance that this glass will be replaced soon, the very impressive-sounding explanation for its sturdiness does inspire a lot of confidence.

Even a bear would have a hard time getting through several hundred pounds of glass.

Although a lot of these ideas should be everywhere, it's fairly easy to understand why this one isn't.

Reddit | NotErikUden

After all, making an actual edible cookie that looks like it's made of dragon scales takes some skills that most of us probably don't possess.

I wouldn't know, but it's apparently very easy to lose your scoop in your protein powder.

Reddit | CongratzJohn

So whoever makes this brand of the stuff added a little ledge to stop that from happening. So, that seems nice to know.

Somebody obviously knows how people really use pen lights like this.

Reddit | kalebdraws

It seems like the idea to design them with bite marks in mind should've come along decades ago, but better late than never.

While a mirrored ceiling in a bathroom is a terrible idea, this is a little more intriguing.

Reddit | _njhiker

Being able to see a bunch of yourselves stare back at you in the stall sounds like a very trippy feeling. Maybe it's just me, but I'm a little curious about that.

Sorry not sorry, FBI.

Reddit | Blaze24

These computers have a handy on-off switch to keep their web cameras covered. No spying here!

It can be incredibly unsafe to meet someone online, even if it's just to sell something.

Reddit | durnJurta

This city's specific "Internet Purchase Safe Exchange Zone" means that you can always feel safe and protected, even while you're meeting up with a stranger to sell your old PS4.

How safe are these spots? Well, they're located directly in front of the police station so pretty darn safe.

I could use a pair of these winter boots right now.

Reddit | TheRealJasonium

Besides having a good, deep tread to help prevent slipping and sliding, on those really icy days, you can fold open a set of cleats on the heel.

I'm actually considering a trip to the hardware store after seeing this.

Reddit | okeleydokelyneighbor

That's a PVC T-connector being used as a dispenser for garbage bags and I'm totally going to install one under my sink.

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