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8-Year-Old Girl Who Was Bullied And Called A 'Weirdo' Has Higher IQ Than Einstein

On the surface, Adhara Pérez looks like just any other bright-eyed, mild-mannered eight-year-old girl.

She's sweet, soft spoken, and often wears her hair pulled back with a ribbon or tied in braids on either side of her head. Speaking superficially, she certainly seems like the sort of average young girl you could expect to find in any school yard.

But in fact, this child prodigy from Mexico City has already finished elementary school, middle school, and high school, and boasts an unbelievably high IQ that's well into the three-digit range. To put it simply, she's a genius, and she hasn't even turned nine yet.

When Adhara was three years old, she was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome.


According to The Yucan Times, being on the autism spectrum meant that she had difficulty interacting with her classmates.

As she told the outlet, "I made a mockery at school."

Students relentlessly bullied the young girl, labeling her a "weirdo" and an "oddball."


Her mom, Nallely Sanchez, witnessed her poor daughter's tormenting at the hands of her own peers.

“I saw that Adhara was playing in a little house and they locked her up. And they started to chant: ‘Oddball, weirdo!’” she explained. “And then they started hitting the little house. So I said, I don’t want her to suffer.”

Adhara soon fell into a deep depression, and despite her love for learning, she didn't want to go to school anymore.


She would sleep through lessons and showed little interest in participating in class, leading her teachers to believe the once bright pupil would not have much of an academic future.

That all changed when Nallely decided to take her daughter's education into her own hands.

Recognizing that Adhara was indeed a gifted little girl, her mom took her to therapy where her IQ was identified.


Incredibly she was determined to have an IQ of 162.

To put that into perspective, both Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking, two of the greatest minds of human existence, had an estimated IQ of 160.

After confirming Adhara's outstanding intelligence, Nallely was then able to put her daughter in an educational center more suitable for her unique skill set.

Since then, Adhara has gone on to graduate from elementary school, middle school, and just recently finished high school.

Now she's in the process of earning two degrees online, one in industrial engineering in mathematics and one in systems engineering. Her end goal? Becoming an astronaut and working for NASA.

Adhara also hopes to one day enroll at the University of Arizona to study astrophysics, a dream which her mom fully supports.


Until then, this brilliant little girl continues to pursue her post-secondary education and has even published a book which, translated to English, is titled, "Do Not Give Up." In it, she writes about her experiences and the challenges she's faced in her intellectual pursuits.

According to Vogue México, Adhara is also keeping busy by developing a new smart bracelet, one which monitors the motions of differently abled children. In doing so, the technology is able to anticipate and therefore prevent seizures and other health-related outbursts.

h/t: The Yucan Times, Vogue México

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