8+ Lazy Cooking Hacks Shared By The Internet

I'm a food lover and I also love to cook. But even I have days when I don't feel like slaving in the kitchen for hours. So if there are any easy shortcuts I can use in the kitchen to speed up the process, I'm totally game.

Turns out there are tons of them. Ha, ha. Here's just a sampling of what other people have shared online and we can all thank them for it.

1. Home-Made Breadcrumbs

This is such a cool trick and you'll never run out of breadcrumbs if you just keep a stash of bread ends in your freezer.

2. Turn Left Over Rice Into Fried Rice


One of my favorite quick dishes is fried rice. Make a big batch of rice. Then, just fry it with some veggies.

3. Easily Slice Cherry Tomatoes


Place those tiny cherry tomatoes on one Tupperware lid and cover it with another. Then you can just slice through them all at once.

4. No Mess Fajitas

Instead of cooking all the ingredients on the stovetop, why not put them in the oven instead? Just sprinkle with your favorite seasonings and voila.

5. Brownie Trick


If you want your brownies to taste even more delicious, just replace water with coffee next time you make them. Hello, delicious mocha chocolate brownie!

6. Frozen Herbs In Oil


Save yourself some precious cooking time when you chop some herbs, throw them in ice cube tray with oil and freeze for later. Totally genius.

7. Instant Chocolate Pudding

Spend With Pennies

Crack and mix an egg in a measuring cup. Add five tablespoons of Nutella. Add two tablespoons of flour. Mix, microwave for 30 seconds, and munch!

8. Chicken Shredding Hack

Cook and Craft Me Crazy

It's such a pain to shred all that chicken for a recipe. So why not just use a hand blender to do the job instead. What?

9. Dry Herbs In A Microwave


Did you know you can actually dry herbs in a microwave? Toss them in the microwave in 20-second intervals, turning them over until dry.

10. Prep With Minimal Cleanup


Why put all your ingredients on the counter and make a mess, when you can use a cooking sheet for a way easier clean up?

11. Perfect Fried Eggs

OMG, seriously? Why haven't I thought of this fried eggs cooking trick? Ladies and gentlemen, this might just be life-changing for me. Ha, ha.

12. Perfect Grilled Cheese


Isn't it a travesty when you accidentally burn your grilled cheese sandwich? Well, apparently if you use mayo instead of butter it will cook better. Wow!

13. Bacon Hack


Speaking of eggs and grilled cheese, there's something missing here — bacon. To cook it flawlessly bake it in the oven on a baking sheet instead of frying it in a pan.

OMG, I can't believe I haven't used the fried egg cooked in an onion hack before.

This is going to be awesome. I'm loving all these cool hacks here.