In The Battle For Office Comfort, Foot Hammock Beats Footstool Every Time

Even if you practice perfect desk posture, a day at the office isn't particularly comfortable. We can argue about the merits of sitting vs. standing, but ultimately it comes down to not staying in any position for too long.

In addition, "ergonomic ideals" always seem to forget that short (and tall) people exist.

The standard height for desks means that in order to have my arms and shoulders straight and properly aligned with my keyboard, my chair has to be set to the highest it'll go.

Which means that I, a woman in my mid-30s, spend the day with my feet dangling like a toddler.

Yeah, I have a footstool, but even those are limited in how they can be adjusted and I can't get it quite right.


Which is why I would like to make the argument that this foot hammock isn't about laziness, but ergonomics, and Diply should provide each of its writers with one.

Can it also be used to put your feet up during an interminable conference call? Yes.


But that's not the point.

This short girl wants to be comfortable while working for once!

I do have one criticism of the product advertising, though.


Why are they barefoot?!

Maybe this is okay in a home office, but if anyone starts taking off their socks at work, we're going to have some strong words with them.

Where can you buy one? Amazon, of course!

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