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You Can Order Custom Ornaments With Your Favorite Iconic 'Friends' Quotes On Them

If you didn't know, Friends turned 25 this year, which caused a flurry of nostalgic memories from people who spent much of their youth watching the sit-com.

There is no doubt about the pop cultural impact it had on many people, especially the quotes!

'Friends' fans are like no other.

As an outsider, it honestly low-key seems like a bit of a mini cult.

People are spitting their quotes left and right!

Even if you're not a 'Friends' fan, which, don't tell any 'Friends' fan that you aren't because they won't let you live it down, there are quotes that everyone knows.

For example, the phrase "How you doin'?" is an appropriate greeting at this point.

But there are some quotes, like Janice's "Oh. My. GOD" that are pretty 'Friends'-fan exclusive.

It's a true fact, because I had to YouTube it.

Many of their quotes are iconic because of how relatable they are.

If you've had to move into a new apartment without an elevator and just stairs, you know Ross' and Chandler's struggle during this scene.

These custom 'Friends' quote ornaments are perfect if you or someone you know is a mega-fan of the show.

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They're made by Ashlie over at the Etsy shop English Bliss.

She makes a total of 13 different iconic hilarious quotes from the show, as well as one with a simple 'Friends' logo.

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Each order comes with four ornaments of your choice for only $30. That's a pretty swell deal!

Her quotes are awesome, but it looks like you might also be able to get some custom ornaments made with a quote of your choice that isn't listed.

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Customers are really happy with their ornaments.

"Omg I love my ornaments!!! They are even more beautiful in person. The writing is perfect and the size and color is perfect," one reviewer stated.

These are such fun ornaments to give to all the 'Friends' lovers in your lives.

Etsy | EnglishBliss

Heck, why not treat yourself?

What's your favorite 'Friends' quote?

Let us know in the comments!