Netflix And Nickelodeon Are Partnering Up To Make Content

For a long time, Netflix was the sole winner and most important streaming service in the game.

Besides holding some of the most important comedy shows of all time (like Friends), it also creates amazing original content.

Stranger Things is just one example of how the streaming service knows how to cater to their audience.

Netflix has tons and tons of content for people to consume.


They make original content for both television and film, some of which are better than cable and theater productions!

They've even helped revive shows that have been canceled like You and Lucifer.

But recently, tons of new streaming services have come to compete against it.


Most recently, it's Disney+ that has taken the world by storm--but Amazon Prime, HBO Max, and Apple TV are some of the other competitors.

Yeah, it's a dog eat dog world out there.

However, Disney+ is definitely their biggest contender.

Flickr | Truus, Bob & Jan too!

Especially considering the fact that Disney owns PIXAR, Marvel, and the Star Wars franchise.

So yeah, they're basically taking over the world. After all, Disney is for kids and adults alike, whereas sometimes, content on Netflix can sometimes be just for one or the other.

But now Netflix is fighting back, and hard!

They are partnering with the amazing Nickelodeon (the minds behind SpongeBob SquarePants) to create original content!

This will definitely help them with their game!

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