Hidden Valley

Hidden Valley Released A Holiday Home Decor Line Dedicated To The Iconic Condiment

I'll admit, I'm one of those people that has to put some sort of condiment on anything I eat. Steak? Ketchup. Scrambled eggs? Sriracha. Rice? Soy sauce. However, not all of these sauces are as universal and diverse as ranch is.

That's why people love it so much.

Now, I might not go as far as doing what dear Melissa McCarthy is doing here, but ranch truly is the GOAT of condiments.

Everything I mentioned above can be eaten with ranch. I dare you to name me a food ranch would be horrible on. It's like pickle of the sauce world.

Hidden Valley knows how much people love ranch.

Hidden Valley

So much so, that they created a whole holiday line dedicated to the beloved condiment.

They truly have so many great home decor and clothing pieces for the holidays.

Hidden Valley

They have everything from throws, to pillows, to socks, and "ugly" sweaters.

Of course, each piece is in their iconic branded colors, green and blue.

Hidden Valley

The graphics are also super cute and minimal!

Be sure to check out their online shop for more goodies and prices.

These would make great Christmas presents for all those ranch lovers in your life.

Because ranch truly is life.

Happy ranchmas!