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You Can Order Homemade Ornaments That Look Exactly Like Your Home

Whether you're still living in the same house you grew up in, you've moved a bajillion times, or are a first-time buyer, there are homes that just stick with you. Many of us will live in many different homes over the course of our lives, each one carrying with it different memories and stories to be cherished.

Now you can take those memories wherever you go with a custom ornament that looks exactly like your home.

Samantha Bravoco over at Etsy shop Forever Figurines makes these incredibly detailed custom ornaments of people's homes.

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They really look exactly like the real life house!

Each ornament is handmade out of polymer clay and hand painted with acrlyic paint.

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As you can see, this project is no small feat! The detail she captures from picture to ornament is wild.

No matter what sort of house you have, she can make it.

Instagram | @shopforeverfigurines

I bet she even does apartments! Hey, that's home to me currently.

These would make great sentimental Christmas gifts for first-time home buyers, or people who recently moved.

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Or even for people who just love their home!

Check out her [Etsy] shop for all the custom ornaments she makes as well as for pricing — each one is different.