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Former Trump Supporter And Army Vet Says Trump 'Deserves To Be Impeached'

At least one Army veteran and former Trump supporter is voicing his displeasure with the current Commander-in-Chief, calling him "unpatriotic" in a scathing blog post published in The Times of Israel.

David Weissman served in the Army for 13 years, which included two deployments to Afghanistan.

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He says that until the middle of 2018, he was a Republican, saying that he "thought the Republican Party was the party of upholding the Constitution and ethical principles." However, he started to question a lot of the president's messages in July of that year.

"I can’t stress how many times I believed the propaganda," he wrote. "That Trump was a patriot who cared for soldiers. All of that was a lie."

Weissman cited a few particular examples of behavior on the part of the president that changed his opinion.

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He noted that "It took Trump a few years after being elected before finally visiting troops in a combat zone," and referred to Trump's dodging the draft five times.

Weissman also pointed to Trump's recent $2 million settlement in which the president acknowledged misuse of charity funds. Among other abuses, the foundation held a fundraiser for veterans during the 2016 Iowa caucuses that instead sent the money to Trump's campaign. In the end, $2.8 million from that fundraiser did go to veterans' charities.

Weissman also took issue with Trump's attitude toward veterans with PTSD or who were POWs.

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"Trump makes fun of veterans’ PTSD. Trump insults and degrades POWs and decorated war heroes when they disagree with him," he wrote. "How is that patriotic behavior?"

Speaking with Newsweek, Weissman cited another example of disrespect toward veterans in Trump's Veterans Day tweet, in which the president put himself ahead of the troops quite literally, with an image of himself front and center and service members behind him.

For Weissman, when there's a choice between the president and the Constitution, the Constitution wins.

And that comes directly from the oath he took as a soldier. "There is one thing that unites us is our oath to defend the United States Constitution, from enemies foreign and domestic," he wrote.

"How does this blind loyalty keep people, especially veterans who support Trump, from defending the Constitution," he continued. "The oath someone who joins the US Armed Services demands we defend it."

No longer a Trump supporter or a Republican, Weissman now refers to himself as a liberal Democrat.

He might not be a Never Trumper, but he sure sounds like a Never Again Trumper. "A real patriotic President would not violate the constitution," he wrote. "A real patriotic President would not steal from Veterans. Real veterans who remember their oath will support impeachment."

h/t: Newsweek, The Times of Israel