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Pics Of Kim And Kanye's $3.5 Million Dollar Condo Are Going Viral

Reality TV star, Kim Kardashian, and her husband Kanye West, are selling their $3.5 million dollar condo in Calabasas, California, and fans cannot stop looking through the photos.

So, chances are, you're probably already well-aware of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's "minimalist" compound, tucked away in the hills of Calabasas.

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Back in April, in an interview with Vogue earlier this year, Kim gave us a little tour of her family's digs.

For being as rich as she is, Kim's house is surprisingly empty.

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The pad is barren-looking, void of color, and personal items — appears staged, almost.

It's even harder to believe that a six-year-old, three-year-old, one-year-old, and five-month-old live here.

It basically looks like an art museum. But more immaculate.

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It's spacious, clean, white — not a single thing out of place. In fact, there aren't really any "things" to be out of place.

Kim described their house as a "minimal monastery."

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I think it has more of a deserted-warehouse-look. It's honestly hard to believe that anybody even lives there.

This hallway looks like something out of a horror film. Sorry, not sorry, Kimye.

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Can you imagine getting up in the middle of the night to get a glass of water and walking down this hallway?

No thank you!

Couldn't you just picture Kim and her family performing a seance around this table?

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A ouija board would really tie the room together, don't you think?

For a while, fans were deeply confused over Kim's bathroom sinks.

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Where's the sink part?

Where does all the water go?

Does water just constantly pour onto the floor every time they run the tap?

Kim eventually revealed that there is a tiny — nearly undetectable slit, that the water drains into.

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She even posted a video tutorial on her Instagram story, demonstrating how her sink works.

It was mind-blowing, really.

ANYWAY. Moving on. Little did we know, Kim also solely owns a luxury three-bedroom condo in Calabasas.

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Spoiler alert: It's basically just the condo-version of her house.

Since moving into their "minimal monestery", Kim and Kanye also purchased a remote ranch out in Wyoming.

Evidently, they haven't had much use for their condo. So, they've decided to put it on the market.

They're selling it for $3.5 million — nearly $2 million more than what Kim originally acquired it for in 2017.


So, if you're interested in living in downtown Calabasas, in a condo that Kim Kardashian herself once lived in, and you happen to have $3.5 million, now is the time to make an offer!

It seems that Kim and Kanye have been pretty stingey with their real estate photos so far.


There aren't any photos of the three bedrooms or four bathrooms — just the main living area and kitchen.

But even so, this condo looks like anybody's dream pad.


It's nice to see that Kim has stayed true to her interior design taste. Minimal and colorless is her go-to.

Maybe if I start saving now I'll be able to afford this condo in 60 years!


At the very least, it can't hurt to try and save $3.5 million, amirite?

Congrats to Kim and Kanye for the inevitable $3.5 million they're about to get — as if they need any more money.


It'll be pocket change to them!

Let us know what you think of Kim's for sale condo!