Penn Badgley Talks Joe In 'You' Season 2: 'In His Mind, She's Not Even Dead'

You season two is on the way, and needless to say, people can't wait (myself included).

Netflix always delivers with original content, and You has been no different. It is packed with mystery, thrills, and more. Plus, it shows people how scary men can be to women in every day life.

Penn Badgley, who plays Joe on the show, is known for playing stalkers.


Remember Dan on Gossip Girl? Sure, he didn't murder anyone, which is great, but he was kind of a lowkey stalker.

He was even Gossip Girl!

Thankfully, Badgley doesn't see any good in Joe.

He's very adamant that people don't romanticize the character.

Now that the next season is coming up, he's been doing some press about what to expect from his character next, and how he's dealing with what he did to Beck.

Penn Badgley spoke to ET about what was going on with Joe in season 2 of the show.


“There’s a revisitation of that with Joe in the second episode of the second season, where you get to see a bit more of the hard reality of what he did to her,”

He continued by saying:


“In his mind, she’s not even dead. In his mind, everyone’s still alive because the pain that he feels he suffered at their hand is very much still alive.”

I don't know about you, but I am so interested to see his inner thoughts in the next season!