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The Kardashians Are Facing Backlash For 'Wasting Food For Fun' In Giant Food Fight

I can only imagine that when you have so much money that you can't even conceptualize the amount of money that you have, it becomes easy to spend and waste it quite frivolously.

Just because it's easy doesn't mean your fans will approve, though.

It all started with a promo video that Khloé posted on her Instagram.

In the video, the family has a massive food fight while Khloé sort of disapproves, saying, "This is, in any normal person's world, bizarre, disturbing, and unacceptable."

Clearly, the fans agreed with her.

Instagram | @khloekardashian

"That’s very insensitive!! There’s ppl that can barely afford to have breakfast," added another fan.

"Aaaaand there are people starving out there..." said another.

"Guys food isn’t something you throw at people just to laugh."

Instagram | @khloekardashian

"Not Cool! So many people don't have food it's Very sad to see that," said one comment.

"Meanwhile there are people out there who have no money to buy food..."

“How many people are dying of starvation around the world??”

Instagram | @khloekardashian

"All I can think about is how many hungry kids we have in this world and y'all throwing food around SMH There is other things to throw around besides food."

What do you think? Was this a waste of food, or are people being too serious?