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Newborn Babies Dressed As Mr. Rogers In Mini Cardigans Mark World Kindness Day

Mr. Roger's groundbreaking children's show has left a legacy of kindness that hasn't been matched. To pay tribute to this icon, one hospital broke out the world's smallest cardigans for a Mr. Roger's-inspired photo.

In honor of World Kindness Day and World Cardigan Day, one hospital decided to pay tribute to one of the modern champions of friendship.

Facebook | Allegheny Health Network

West Penn Hospital in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania dressed up newborn babies in red cardigans just like Mr. Rogers.

The hospital, which is a part of the Allegheny Health Network, shared the photos on Facebook.

Facebook | Allegheny Health Network

"It's a beautiful day in the AHN neighborhood! These #AHNBabies may be new to this neighborhood but they’re already honoring everyone’s favorite neighbor on #CardiganDay," the post said.

The babies all donned their cutest red cardigans and bow ties for the pics.

Facebook | Allegheny Health Network

Hospital staff were more than happy to hold these babies for a few photos.

Earlier this year, West Penn Hospital went viral for doing a similar photoshoot to mark the 80th anniversary of "The Wizard Of Oz".

Facebook | Allegheny Health Network

I hope they keep doing these awesome photoshoots because the pics are so adorable.

I'm sure Mr. Rogers would have loved this awesome tribute.

It's always a beautiful day when people remember to be kind to one another, wouldn't you agree?

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