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Bell The Cat's Ridiculously Fluffy Tail Is Earning Fans Around The Globe

If you want to be internet famous, the good news is that you don't have to have any kind of special skill or talent to do it — just so long as you have a freaking adorable pet in your home.

Of course, we all think out little fur friends are as cute as it gets, but it's always nice when the world at large validates those thoughts, isn't it?

The owners of Bell the cat can rest easy, because they've got a bona fide star on their hands.

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Bell is a Minuet cat, also known as a Napoleon cat, and they're actually a hybrid breed, crossing Persians with Munchkins — yep, there's a breed of cats called Munchkins, legit.

Bell's defining feature, the one you notice first and can't stop marveling at, is her majestic fluffy tail.

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She really has some next level floof happening here.

I mean, the floof in Bell's tail is the stuff of legends.

Instagram | @ricorico_rico

Squirrels must be envious of her voluminous tail, puffed up like a cloud and waved around like a flag.

Bell and her owners live in Japan.

Instagram | @ricorico_rico

But her appeal is global, with more than 155,000 followers tuning into see her antics.

Mind you, Bell does have to share a bit of the spotlight with the other two pets in the house.

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Her doggo friend is an adorable tea cup poodle named Lindor.

And then there is Suzu, a Scottish fold who looks very similar to Bell.

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Suzu's tail isn't quite so impressive, but it's still perfect and cute.

Bell is clearly the star, with that ridiculously amazing, or amazingly ridiculous tail.

Just look at how expressive it is!

What a character.

For more of Bell and her housemates, check out her Instagram right here.

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