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6+ Things To Know About Demi Lovato's New Boyfriend, Austin Wilson

Demi Lovato has a new boyfriend and before we give them our blessing, it's important that we first, did a little bit of a background check...

ICYMI, Demi Lovato has made her new relationship Instagram official.

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She, and her new boyfriend, posted mirror-selfies together around the same time the other night — letting the world know what's up.

Demi shared this adorable photo of Austin planting one on her cheek.

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"My ❤️...," she captioned the photo — collectively sending all of her fans into a frenzy.

Simultaneously, Austin shared this photo of him and Demi:

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"My Love," he wrote.

One thing is abundantly clear based on both of their captions, they are each other's love.

And while we're all very happy for our girl Demi, we also have a few questions...

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Who is this guy?

What does he do for a living?

Is his zodiac sign compatible with hers?

Well, look no further. I am a self-declared internet super-sleuth, and I'm about to blow this case wide open.

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I have scoured every corner of the world wide web — slowly putting the pieces together...

First of all, his name is Austin Wilson.

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This part was no mystery to figure out, as his Instagram handle sorta gives it away. But it's something to know about him nonetheless.

He met Demi through a mutual friend that past away earlier this year due to a battle with addiction.

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A source revealed to E! that Austin has had a similar experience with addiction as Demi.

“He can relate to her on that level and has been very empathetic to her struggles."

He lives in, none other than, Los Angeles, California.

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Again, this doesn't really surprise me. LA is the designated hub for celebrities — what better place for him to start dating one, amirite?

He smokes cigarettes. I think.

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I only assume that he smokes cigarettes because 16 of the 94 photos he has published on Instagram feature a cigarette hanging out of his mouth.

He's a model.

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I can't say for sure if he's been in any popular campaigns, but he sure as hell has a lot of model-esque photos on his feed taken by professional photographers.

He has a ton of tattoos.

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There's no denying it. This guy has a burning passion for body art.

He's covered, seemingly from head to toe.

It's a lewk.

His father is a professional skateboarder.

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He posts throwback photos of his dad, George Wilson, inaction frequently.

George also owns a clothing line called Rivi Goods.

He seems like a family-oriented kind of guy.

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He shared this adorable post on Mother's Day.

"Happy Mother’s Day mamma. I love you more than anything in this world. Thank you for being my rock through all these crazy and amazing years❤️❤️❤️❤️💘💘💘 thanks for bringing me into this crazy [expletive] world," he captioned it.

He's an uncle.

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He shared this photo of himself holding a baby, captioned: "Uncle Austin".

This also indicates that he is likely not an only-child.

What do you think of Demi Lovato's new boyfriend? — The Los-Angeles-residing, tattoo-collecting, cigarette-smoking-model, uncle Austin Wilson.

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