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It's National Pickle Day, So Show The Tangy Treat Some Love

There are many wild national holidays that have popped up over the years, like National Blueberry Pancake Day and even You're Welcome Giving Day. They seem made up, but trust me, they're real. Google them if you don't believe me! There is an entire list( of thousands, maybe HUNDREDS of thousands of wacky national holidays.

Out of all of these holidays there are some really important ones, like National Pickle Day.

Hope you all have some pickles to snack on, because it's time to celebrate!

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November 14 is the day to honor the sweet, tangy, and crunchy snack that has captivated the world.

Anything can be pickled, but we're specifically talking about pickling cucumbers.

Don't get it twisted.

There are many ways to celebrate this beloved delicacy, like chowing down on some deep-fried pickles, pickle-flavored spuds, or even some wild and wacky products like pickle OREOS.

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Name a food product and I can guarantee that there is a pickle-flavored version of it.

Now, why is that the case? Why are we so obsessed with pickles?

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According to Refinery29, America is experiencing a "pickle boom," with pickle consumption and sales continuing to rise over the years.

There's also science that suggests there may be some addictive properties about pickles due to their salt content, as well as their hydrating electrolytes.

Athletes have been known to drink pickle juice for muscle recovery. So, drop your BCAAs and reach for a glass of pickle juice!

Vinegar is also good for digestion.

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There's so much reason to appreciate the all mighty powerful pickle. If you didn't think so before, I hope we convinced you how much pickles deserve a day of appreciation and love.

So everyone please, lift up a glass of pickle juice and cheers to the GFOAT (greatest food of all time), pickles!