Elizabeth Warren Is Selling A 'Billionaire Tears' Mug On Her Website

Consistently polling near the top of a crowded Democratic field of presidential contenders, Elizabeth Warren has branded herself a champion of the working and middle classes.

Someone who will fight for ordinary consumers and try to create a more fair, even playing field for Americans.

Along the way, she has proposed many, many plans for her first term, including things like universal childcare and canceling student debt.

Which, of course, prompted many to ask how she proposed to pay for such expenses (never mind that, with a current deficit of over $1 trillion, it seems like plenty of programs aren't being paid for anyway).

Her answer has been to tax the wealth on the richest Americans, those who have fortunes in excess of $1 billion. Needless to say, America's billionaires are a bit uncomfortable with Warren's proposal.

Among the more vocal opponents has been Leon Cooperman, the billionaire hedge fund manager and CEO of Omega Advisors.

Bill Gates has also expressed some misgivings with Warren's wealth tax proposal. But not to the degree of Leon Cooperman.

In an appearance on CNBC, Cooperman got choked up talking about the state of the country amid his war of words with Warren.

Apparently, Cooperman's emotional display did not sway Warren even a bit.

If anything, she's been emboldened and energized by it. Cooperman got a noteworthy shout-out in a new ad from the Warren campaign, which points out that he was once charged with insider trading.

On her website, her wealth tax calculator notes that her tax would cost him $151 million of his $3.2 billion fortune. "You'll still be extraordinarily rich," the website says.

Now it looks like making billionaires uncomfortable will play a role in the Warren campaign's fundraising efforts.


This "Billionaire Tears" mug, which clearly takes a shot at Cooperman and his ilk, is now available for purchase on elizabethwarren.com.

For $25, you can "Savor a warm, slightly salty beverage of your choice in this union-made mug as you contemplate all the good a wealth tax could do: universal childcare, student debt cancellation, universal free college, and more."

Mmmm, that's good trolling.

h/t: The Week, CNBC