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Woman Gives Birth On Dance Floor And Baby Gets Free Club Entry For Life

You know that moment in movies and TV shows when someone approaches a totally bumpin' nightclub and bypasses the lineup of eagerly awaiting party goers because their name is on "the list?"

Imagine that, but replace a full grown adult with a newborn baby and you'll understand why this story is just so hilarious to me.

One pretty rad newborn has earned free club entry for life after his mom spontaneously gave birth to him on the dance floor of a discothèque.

On November 11, the unnamed woman was living her best life at O'Club in Toulouse, France.

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According to the French newspaper La Depeche, she had been convinced to hit the town by her friends to get her mind off some "personal problems." Although she couldn't drink, the 19-year-old mom-to-be decided to come out and party it up with her pals.

Everything was going well until around closing time when the 19 year old started feeling not-so-hot. Finding it difficult to walk and convinced she was suffering from a stomachache, she took a seat at the bar.

A bouncer approached the club manger, Marie-Helene, and told her there was an "urgent" situation that needed her attention.

By that point, the heavily pregnant woman was lying on the dance floor and was already starting to give birth.

"We had to react very quickly," Marie-Helen said. "The girl was not panicked, but worried."

Club staff called emergency services and were talked through the delivery process by paramedics.


The woman eventually gave birth to a healthy baby boy, and paramedics arrived soon after to attend to both mom and baby.

Marie-Helene reported that the experience brought her staff much closer together and admitted that some tears were shed.

"For us, it's an exceptional closure," she said. "What is positive is that we did not panic and we were not afraid."

As it turns out, that baby boy is going to grow up with more than just an exceptional birth story.


As a reward for coming into the world via their very own dance floor, the club has been awarded the newborn with "free admission for life".

So basically, once he reaches the legal drinking age, he can hit up O'Club with all his friends and grove along to some music atop the very spot his mom gave birth to him. Ah, cherished memories.

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