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Fans Point Out Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Were 'Shoved In The Back' During Festival Of Remembrance

Can you tell everyone is starved for some wholesome Harry and Meghan content?

While attending the Royal British Legion Festival of Remembrance at the Royal Albert Hall, Harry and Meghan shared a sweet moment that has royal watchers swooning. Aw, we love love!

Meghan and Harry had a pretty packed weekend.

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First, they attended Poppy Factory’s Field of Remembrance at Westminster Abbey, where they honored those who died fighting in World War I.

Meghan accidentally made headlines that day, too, but for a pretty cute reason.

She accidentally got makeup on a veteran.

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While hugging William Allen, a 99-year-old D-Day veteran, she accidentally got a bit of her makeup on his shoulder.

He was thrilled. "I’m never washing that!" He declared, proudly wearing the smudge.

Meghan had a sweet moment there, too.


Harry, in uniform, held a salute during a part of the ceremony. After he was finished, Meghan looked over at him with a small smile, watching him the entire time.

Maybe I'd describe that look as an IRL heart eyes emoji. Maybe.

Later on, they attended the Festival of Remembrance.

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During an airing of the Festival of Remembrance on the BBC, the cameras caught a cute moment between them.

Even though it was a somber event, Harry and Meghan looked like they were still able to enjoy themselves — and each other.

They were all smiles as they applauded the veterans.

How cute is this? They look like they're so happy to be there together.

Avid royal-watchers went nuts for the display, posting all over social media about those happy smiles.

This is 100% my favorite comment.

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After the last few years they've had, it's actually so nice to see that they're not only happy but that Harry is so ride or die for his wife.

We stan a man who loves his wife unequivocally.

Okay, tea!

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Janelle, you queen, thank you for speaking straight #facts.

Harry and Meghan have totally shaken things up in the royal family, and it's been wild to see people's reactions to it.

Some noticed Harry and Meghan weren't seated near the Queen.

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And threw some shade about it. Like, damn, Brandy, did you have to go that hard?

I can't begin to express how many comments basically echoed this exact sentiment. Sigh.

Like, they weren't even that far away.

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It's also royal protocol for them to sit like that. The Queen is in the center, of course, with Charles as her heir to her left.

William, Charles' heir, is at her right. Harry was farther back since he's not an immediate heir to the throne.

Angles speak volumes!!!

They were literally right behind the Queen, and not "shoved in the back" as one comment said.

I don't know why people were reading so much into seating arrangements. People have weird hobbies these days.

Anyway, look how cute these two are.

Did you guys know that there are entire fan accounts dedicated to Harry and Meghan?

I gotta say, it's nice to see them have some positivity channeled their way because the comments on the official accounts are brutal.

Here's another interesting detail...

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This occasion marks one of the first times all four royals have been seen together in a long time.

Rumors began circulating as early as 2017 that a royal fallout had occurred.

People assumed it was Meghan and Kate.

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Gee, I wonder why?

Unfortunately, the true fallout was between Harry and William. Harry recently spoke on the subject during an interview.

"As brothers you have good days, you have bad days," he said.

The brothers aren't as close as they used to be.

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"We don’t see each other as much as we used to because we’re so busy, but you know, I love him dearly," Harry said.

He reiterated that they were brothers, and they'd always love each other.

Still, people were eager to see how the four would interact.

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Which is kind of hilarious, because these people are trained not to show any kind of tension, even if there's a ton of it.

Things went off without a hitch, and Meghan and Harry are clearly still very much in love.