Kaley Cuoco's Original Character On 'The Big Bang Theory' Was Quite 'Dark'

Yes, the show probably would have been a lot more different if she had played this character.

A sweet Goth GF on the show? Hm... Maybe The Big Bang Theory would've been a lot more watchable.

Mind you, the best thing about Penny was that it was so easy to love and adore her, so maybe it was for the best.

'The Big Bang Theory' sure had a lot of wacky characters, didn't it?


But they played off each other so nicely, especially the relationship between Penny and the boys.

Their analytical, nerdy behavior contrasted perfectly with her bubbly, almost ditzy, stereotypical blonde girl personality.

But did you know... she was almost different?



The character of Penny wasn't always supposed to be the way she was. Originally, she was "a dark , brooking unhappy woman."

It doesn't sound that enticing, now that I think about it.

Here's the story:


Kaley Cuoco (the exceptionally talented actress behind Penny) recently came out with the story behind the original idea for her character.

She talked about it in a featurette that will be included with a The Big Bang Theory: The Complete Series home video release.

"I had actually auditioned for the original pilot, and I did not get cast."


She begins, talking about how she originally didn't audition for "Penny" but for a girl named "Katie", who was apparently, as the title says: "dark and brooking".

Wonder what the show would have looked like with Katie.