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The 'F***ing Meetings' Candle Is For Those Who Know Most Meetings Are Useless

I believe it was Shakespeare who once said, "So no one told you life was gonna be this way (clap clap clap clap clap)." And oh by gosh by golly, he was right.

We entered the workforce with bright eyes and a heart full of dreams, only to realize that being an adult with an adult job can lead to some very adult stress and frustration. They sure forgot to mention that little truth nugget in college, didn't they?

What's the *one* thing you can usually count on to help you de-stress after a particularly bad day at work?

Wine? Sure, that'll do the trick. Bubble bath? Definitely a tried-and-true de-stresser.

Purposefully breaking a few plates and then immediately regretting it when you remember you only own like, three plates? Yeah, we've all been there sis.

But what if I told you there's a candle specifically targeted at helping you find your zen after Mr. Boss-Man took your last nerve and threw that ish *right* out the window?

Sounds a little too good to be true, doesn't it? What candle could possibly soothe your angry little soul after a long, long, LONG day at the office?

Well, if it's called the "F*cking Meetings" candle, I'd say it's definitely on the right track.

The "F*cking Meetings" candle will take all your worries and work-fueled emotions and just melt them away.

Always Fits

Available on the Always Fits website, this candle is the perfect remedy for when that paycheck just doesn't seem like it's worth it anymore and you find yourself seriously googling about that one pyramid scheme your aunt told you about at Thanksgiving that she insists is definitely not a pyramid scheme.

Step away from the Google because this candle is about to change your life.

You know when you have to go sit in an hour-long meeting just to talk about something that really didn't warrant an entire meeting?

Yeah, this will help you calm down after that nonsense.

Each candle apparently has the unmistakable aroma of "this could have been an email."

Always Fits

But to the untrained nose (i.e. someone who's never worked in an office before), it'll actually just smell like coffee. Which definitely sounds like the perfect perk-me-up after one of those pointless work gatherings.

And since these soy candles are individually hand-poured, each one is perfectly unique, just like you! How fun!

Judging from the online reviews, this candle is definitely proving to be a favorite among the hardworking, stressed-to-the-max people in the world.

"We are so pleased," one reviewer wrote. "It was for my husband that works from home and has way too many meetings, so when he's having one he lights the candle!"

Smart move, sir. Smart move.

Keep it at work, keep it at home, or maybe order a few so you can have one at the ready wherever you are!

Always Fits

You can pick up your very own "F*cking Meetings" candle on the Always Fits website for just $25.

And while you're there, you might want to remember that Christmas is coming up super soon.

I think we can all agree this would make the perfect Secret Santa gift for any office party. Remember, you're not the only one sitting through those meetings, and maybe Debra in marketing is ready to pull her hair out, too.

This one's for you, Deb.

Or, you could give it to someone special in your life who always finds themselves forced to sit through inexplicably pointless meetings on the regular.

I can say with absolute certainty that they'll definitely appreciate a little R & R after dealing with all that B & S.