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7+ Parents Who Went Viral This Decade

With the year winding down, it's time to look back at some of those stories that captured our attention online. If there's one thing that's for sure, parents sharing their honest and often hilarious stories online took the internet by storm. Here are just a few who grabbed our attention.

The Mom Who Donated Her Liver To Save A Stranger's Baby

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When Andrea Alberto saw a desperate Facebook post from a mom in a different part of the country, she knew she had to help. Andrea was able to travel to Connecticut and donate a part of her liver to save baby Callum.

The Dad Who Broke Down How Men Can Help With Breastfeeding

Facebook | Muhammed Nitoto

Muhammed Nitoto explained in a viral Facebook post how men can be supportive breastfeeding partners and got the internet's approval.

The Dad Who Passed Out

Reddit | Hueybluebelt

Reddit user Hueybluebelt shared this photo taken shortly after the birth of his first child.

"Today I welcomed my first child into the world. Here’s a photo of me waking up after passing out in the OR," he said in a post.

The Mom Who Pumped Milk During The New York City Marathon

Facebook | Birth Day Presence Joe Jenkins Photography

Molly Waitz of Cutchogue, New York was able to pump milk while running the New York City Marathon by using a hands-free breast pump.

The Mom Who Got Real About Her Postpartum Body

Instagram l @theballardbunch

Sandy Ballard shared a photo of herself in a swimsuit at nine months postpartum. In her Instagram post, she candidly opened up about her journey to accept her body following three pregnancies.

The Mom Who Is Her Daughter's Twin

Chicago-based mom MiKayla shared side-by-side images of herself and her daughter wearing the same dress. The internet quickly agreed that these two look identical!

The Dad Who Went Above And Beyond For Prom

Twitter | @claudiamarie9

When it came to his daughter's prom photos, one dad knew how to make them extra special. He grabbed his leaf blower to create the perfect, wind-swept look and it worked!

The Mom Who Embraced Change

Allison Kimmey shared these before and after photos on Instagram. In her inspiring post she said, "A few sizes bigger and a million times happier".

The Parents Who Give Out Free Hugs At Pride

Instagram | @jenhatmaker

Parents across the country are lining up at Pride parades to give out free hugs to LGBTQ+ youth who have been rejected by their families. These simple hugs mean the world to these individuals.

The Dad Who Trolled The Internet

Reddit | Steec

Stephen Crowley decided to have some fun by putting his photoshop skills to the test. He manipulated images to make it look like his daughter was in danger, sending a clear message to parent-shamers everywhere.

The Mom Who Thought She Was Having A Girl

Nancy Ray went into labor expecting to welcome her third daughter. Instead, she welcomed a baby boy and a photographer captured her shocked reaction.

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