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16+ Adorable Tiny Things That Make For A Positively Delightful Christmas Present

Let's be honest: Christmas gift giving is getting out of hand. It's becoming increasingly difficult to get your loved ones the perfect gift since everyone seems to already have what they need, and the things they want are usually really expensive.

This year, we're advocating for the little things. Tiny, little things that are exceptionally cute and affordable, to be precise, and that will put a smile on anyone's face. With that in mind, why not pick up one of these adorable gifts for your most adored people?

1. Wildly adorable animal cable bite.

Urban Outfitters

The animal lover will positively flip over these crazy cute cable bites. Choose from a dog, panda, lion, bunny, and fish.

2. Super cute mini alpacas.


These tiny, needle-felted alpacas will brighten anyone's day.

3. Mini drums for big musical ambitions.

Archie McPhee

The perfect gift for the aspiring Ringo Starr in your life.

4. A sweet little succulent.

Because even real succulents require some upkeep. This will brighten up a tiny space and a gray day.

5. Adorable avocado heating pad.

Urban Outfitters

Usually, the reason you reach for a heating pad is less than enjoyable. Let this adorable avocado heating pad take your mind off your troubles and on its cuteness.

6. Tiny Tabasco bottles.

World Market

They're small but they're mighty. Give this to the person who likes a little kick.

7. The cutest cactus candle.


There's just something about succulents that makes them so pleasing to the eye. This one will emit a lovely glow and burns up to five hours.

8. Charming mini cocktail shot glasses.


These shot glasses look super cute, but they can pack a heck of a punch. The wine and martini glasses hold 1.1 ounces, while the boot and lowball hold 2.1 ounces.

9. A petite pocket quadcopter.

Hammacher Schlemmer

For the airhead in your life, this quadcopter has three flight modes, and is built with circuitry so sophisticated you can even toss it in the air and watch it throttle up simultaneously.

10. Tiny taco earrings.


Make every day taco Tuesday.

11. Itty bitty novelty pin.


I wonder if anatomy classes in med school are this adorable?

12. Bonny baby animal plushies.

Urban Outfitters

Look. At. These. They're the cutest tiny additions to a key chain, bag, belt loop, or anything else that could use a nearly lethal dose of cute.

13. A strikingly small skillet.


Perfect for the foodie who lives alone, this adorably miniature 3.5-inch skillet is the ideal size for a single-portion pie, cookie, omelet, or cake.

14. Darling desktop ladybug vacuum.


Cleaning off your desk in that weekly Monday morning ritual is so mundane. So, make it fun and crazy cute with this desktop ladybug vacuum that sucks up dust, crumbs, and anything else your desk has accumulated.

15. Wicked small walkie talkies.

Urban Outfitters

These mini walkie talkies are perfect for sharing tiny secrets. They work up to a 100-foot range and can communicate through walls.

16. A very precious tiny vase.


Imagine the gorgeous little blooms that could go in this beautiful tiny vase.

17. Mighty mini lipstick set.


This "lip pill" set from Winky Lux is small enough to fit in the smallest clutch, but it still packs major color.

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