'Peaky Blinders' Has Started Filming With A Character Officially Back For Good

Yes, Peaky Blinders fans, you're going to be getting your new season soon! Aren't you excited?

Isn't this everything you've ever dreamed of? Is life finally going to have meaning?

The hit show is on a massive high and shows no signs of stopping any time soon, especially because of this new development.

We ended Season 5 on quite the cliffhanger.


Long story short, we saw series favorite Thomas Shelby with a gun to his head.

"Was he going to survive?" fans frantically asked, "if he's not around, who will be our favorite?"

Well, don't worry, he's...


Oh, wait, spoilers for Season 6 here. If you're trying to stay away from everything, look away now.

He's going to be fine. Filming has started for the sixth season of Peaky Blinders.

And Cillian Murphy has announced he's going to be back.


But that's not all.

Tom Hardy is back in action for filming, and we can't wait to see what vile thing his character does next.

What we know for sure is one thing.


This season of Peaky Blinders is going to be the last. So we can assume that there will be a lot more war and killing.

Hopefully, these two stay alive! Who are you most excited to see return? Let us know below in the comments!