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Will Smith And His Son Made Adorable 'Matrix' Homemade Movie

The Smith family is always in the news, sometimes for something controversial that Jada has said, or for some cool new thing that Will or Jaden has done.

Most of the time, all the news around them is pretty positive and light-hearted, and this is no exception.

Who doesn't like Will Smith?


He's a total national treasure.

Whether he's making us laugh in Fresh Prince Of Bel Air, or making us cry in Fresh Prince Of Bel Air, we love almost everything he does.

Not a lot of people know this, but Will Smith was supposed to be in 'The Matrix'.


But he turned it down to be in the blockbuster, critically acclaimed, record-shattering Wild Wild West.

Well, we actually have a glimpse of what a Matrix with Will Smith may have looked like.

Yo! It's 'Rewind' time!

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If we had the power to go back in time, we definitely would use that power to interact with Will Smith and his son Trey Smith.

What would we get out of that? We would get to see them do something adorable together in the early 2000s.

Well, we can't go back in time, but we can feel like we have.

Apparently, every year for his birthday Will and his son Trey Smith would make a home movie called "The Treytrix", where Will was the bad guy and Trey had to save the family from him.

The video is actually so cute!!!