Wendy's Is Celebrating The Big 5-0 With A Birthday Cake Frosty Cookie Sundae

Can you believe Wendy's is turning 50 years old? On November 15, 1969 in in Columbus, Ohio, Wendy's was born . To this day, people still appreciate their iconic square burger patties, their now-famous spicy chicken nuggets, and of course, their Frostys dipped with fries.

To celebrate this exciting occasion, Wendy's is going big for their customers.

This past spring, Wendy's teamed up with Ghirardelli to release a Frosty Cookie Sundae.

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It featured their classic vanilla Frosty, pieces of chocolate chunk cookies, and decadent Ghirardelli chocolate sauce.

It was a huge it for the summer.

For the big 5-0, Wendy's put a spin on the newly beloved Cookie Sundae for a sweet birthday twist.


Their Birthday Frosty Sundae features a giant swirl of their new Birthday Cake Frosty flavor, sugar cookie pieces, and sprinkles.

A birthday certainly isn't complete without sprinkles!


This really is a birthday party in a cup, and I am very happy to celebrate with them by sinking my teeth into this.

Although, not right in. My teeth are sensitive.

You can also purchase their Birthday Cake Frosty on its own.


It combines their classic vanilla Frosty with the flavor of birthday cake in the cutest festive cup to mark the occasion.

These are limited edition menu items, so you'd better run to your nearest Wendy's!

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