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Drake Embarrassingly Got Booed Off Stage At A Concert

Imagine being at a concert. You're waiting for the headliner to come onstage. He's running late. He may not show at all. Lo and behold, Drake walks on stage. What do you do?

I bet it's the opposite of what the crowd at Flog Gnaw did.

So, here's what happened.

Tyler, the Creator hosted Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival in Los Angeles this weekend. It was a carnival packed with talent.

Camp Flog Gnaw has been running since 2012. For 2019's carnival, the headliner was something of a mystery.

No, it was LITERALLY at mystery.


Tyler dropped the poster for Camp Flog Gnaw with one big item missing: his co-headliner.

This immediately sent his fans into a speculation firestorm. Everyone had a theory on who it was going to be.

But most agreed it could only be on person:

Frank Ocean.

Tyler and Frank were both a part of the Odd Future rap crew. People speculated that it just had to be Frank, that the headliner really couldn't be anyone else.

Fans CONVINCED themselves it was going to be Frank.

So imagine their surprise when Drake walked out.

Yeah, Drake will be fine, he's rich and famous, etc. But the behavior of the people booing is just so gross. Of all the reasons to boo Drake, not being Frank Ocean is a wild one.

Drake tried to ask the audience if they wanted him to stay.

Twitter | @AndresWrites

"I’m here for you tonight. If you want to keep going tonight, I will keep going," he asked the audience.

They just booed in response. Sure, there were some cheers. But those boos were pretty loud.

The audacity that takes!


Imagine booing Drake because you convinced yourself someone who hasn't done a public performance in two years would suddenly show up randomly at a music carnival...

I actually can't imagine that.

Twitter was not having it.

If there's one good thing that came out of this, it's that some of the memes were fire.

Plus, most people were on Drake's side, so that's another win for him.


Twitter | @BritneyWaldron

"Only a Canadian would thank the crowd after getting boo'd off stage 'Y'all want me to continue? Thank you'"

I know I'm all-caps right now, but that's because this is exactly what a Canadian would do and it is making me sad.

Tyler was not having it, either.

Twitter | @tylerthecreator

"I thought bringing one of the biggest artist on the [expletive] planet to a music festival was fire! But flipside, a lil tone deaf knowing the specific crowd it drew. Some created a narrative in their head and acted out like [expletive] when it didnt come true and I dont [expletive] with that," he wrote.

And he was not happy with the people in the front.

Twitter | @tylerthecreator

According to him, the boos and jeers were coming primarily from the front.

Tyler himself was up front, so it checks out that he clocked where it was coming from pretty quickly.

Fans totally got it.

Twitter | @blondedmaria, @her__canvas_

It was Tyler's festival and Tyler's surprise.

I'm not entirely sure how it was his fault that it wasn't who people spread rumors about it being. Thank god for these clear-headed fans.

People who were there backed that up.

There was nothing but love for Drake in the back.

Unfortunately, since neither Drake nor Tyler were near it, and the booing came from up front, the impression everyone got was that no one wanted Drake there at all.

Some thought Tyler should have corrected the rumors.

Twitter | @karo_linaaaa, @b_well3

Apparently some thought that Tyler knew the rumors were about Frank but chose not to address them.

Another pointed out that it's really not his fault that people thought that. Plus, why not just enjoy a cheap Drake concert.

Drake took it well, though.

He posted on Instagram: "Plot twist...just signed a 10-year residency at Camp Flog Gnaw sorry kids see you EVERY SINGLE YEAR till you are 30."

I bet he truly follows through on that one.

He did highlight one fan experience before he was done.

Twitter | @tylerthecreator

I'm almost sorry for laughing. Does it suck that she had a "bad" experience? Maybe. Did she have the right to call out Tyler at his own carnival for bringing one of the most popular artists in the world onstage?

You decide.