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David Spade's 'Awkward' Reaction At The People's Choice Awards Is Already A Meme

Celebrities really need to be careful when they're at an awards show — even if you're not a winner or a nominee, you can end up going viral if the camera catches you at just the right moment.

Like David Spade at the People's Choice Awards this weekend.

During the night, Noah Centineo won the PCA for Favorite Comedy Movie Star, and for some reason, the camera cut to David Spade.

It's not totally clear what exactly David Spade was doing — was he thinking about Noah Centineo? Was he imagining going to McDonalds after the ceremony?

Whatever it was, his reaction went viral.

People found his expression extremely relatable.

It works for pretty much any emotion you might be feeling. Love, lust, hunger, boredom, confusion — you name it, and Spade is serving it to you.

Some people thought it might have been a little shady.

Spade's longtime friend and collaborator Adam Sandler was also up for the award, and some thought Spade's reaction was confusion as to how Noah might have won over Sandler.

Others just wished they didn't have to see it at all.

It was definitely a very awkward reaction that I'm sure he would not have been doing if he'd realized the cameras were on him.

It looks like the message at award shows is simple: constant vigilance.

David Spade isn't the only one who's been hit by the stray camera curse.

Nicole Kidman had to deal with the effects of a fish-eye camera lens distorting her fingers while she clapped gently to avoid smacking her rings together, and the gifs were not kind to her.

More recently, however, we had Natasha Lyonne's attempt at clapping.

Now, we don't have a handy excuse like Nicole Kidman did to explain what exactly the Orange is the New Black and Russian Doll star was doing here.

It was not an isolated incident, either.

She did this every single time that the camera was on her and she was applauding someone. At least David Spade was only caught licking his lips that one time.

She didn't have an explanation for her behavior.

The next day, she retweeted a gif of herself clapping with "New phone wha happen" which is really how we all felt.

David hasn't commented on his look of... love? Confusion? Hatred? Boredom?

Whatever it was, it seems like David is content to let it remain a mystery, which is really how it should be.

He's communicating whatever we WANT him to be communicating, and that's a beautiful thing.