'Weeds' Sequel Titled 'Weeds 4.20' Coming To Starz

But wait, this isn't the 420th sequel to Weeds, why would they call it Weeds 4.20? Is it the 4th and one 20th of a sequel?

Nah, we're just pulling your leg. We totally understand why they're calling it that. It's pretty clever if we're being honest.

We remember that show 'Weeds', right?


It was that show about Mary-Louise Parker losing her husband and having to sell weed to her neighbors to make ends meet.

It was made at a time when weed was considered to be a really bad drug.

And thank god we still live in that time.


Because if we didn't, then a sequel to the show would probably look a little silly.

And that's exactly what's in development over at Starz: a sequel to the show Weeds called Weeds 4.20.

Cause, 420 is when you blaze up the weed, bro.


Last time we checked in on ol' Nancy Botwin, she had just opened up a whole new line of weed caf├ęs.

This time, we'll be returning to a time when weed is legal in multiple states.

Will this hurt Nancy's business?


Will she have to get back into the dirty, seedy underbelly of weed dealing in order to make ends meet again?

Or will everyone just like, chill out and sesh or whatever.

I can't wait to find out!