Rescue Finds Abandoned 'Unicorn' Puppy With Tail Growing From Forehead

I'm just going to say this now: Any person that abandons a dog, let alone a puppy, is a monster. Period.

Taking care of a pet is hard work and if you end up unable or unwilling to put that work in, it's up to you to find a new, safe place for the animal, even if that just means giving them up to a shelter.

Don't leave them on the side of the road. That's horrible.

Yet so many people still do it and sadly, many get away with it.

Which is why rescues like Missouri-based Mac's Mission are so important.

Mac's Mission focuses particularly on dogs with special needs or health issues that might otherwise lead over-burdened shelter systems to opt for euthanasia.

Founded by Rochelle Steffen, owner of Mac the pitbull, who is the namesake of the charity, Mac's Mission "specializes in special."

The success stories that come out of Mac's Mission are about as heartwarming as it gets.

Facebook | Mac the pitbull

Just look at Cricket, who has clearly been through the wringer early in her little life and is looking much, much better after some serious TLC.

And one of their most recent rescues is the very definition of "special."

Facebook | Mac the pitbull

On November 8, they posted the news on their Facebook page alongside a request for donations.

A pair of dogs had been found and rescued, one older and one a tiny puppy. The puppy had an injured foot, but that wasn't the most obvious thing about it.

Because the puppy also had a short little tail sticking right out of his forehead.

Facebook | Mac the pitbull

So far, the rescue says it doesn't show signs of being able to wag, but they've named him "Narwhal the Little Magical Furry Unicorn" which is a suitably epic name for this pupper.

Could you imagine if it did wag? It would be so surreal. Adorable, but surreal.

Would it be like a headbanger whipping their hair around in circles? I kind of want to see it now.

Of course, the important thing is that Narwhal and his friend were rescued and will be getting the care they deserve.

The folks at Mac's Mission say they don't know whether the tail will have to be removed or not.

In a Facebook comment, they explained that they "will keep everyone updated as soon as we can get him to our vet and figure out what is best for him to live his best life."

The next step is to have some X-rays done to see what exactly is going on.

Facebook | Mac the pitbull

You have to think this will be a first for the vet, too, right? Cases like Narwhal's can't come along very often.

So far at least, little Narwhal seems like a perfectly normal, happy, playful little pupper.

Facebook | Mac the pitbull

No doubt much happier to be warm and dry and fed and cared for and played with, if nothing else.

You can watch a vid of Narwhal having a play right here.

So we're all rooting for this special little pupper.

Facebook | Mac the pitbull

He's already survived more than his fair share of adversity, so it would be a shame if he had to go through any more. It's great to know he has Mac's Mission on his side!

It's also not clear yet if or when this special little guy will be available for adoption.

Unsplash | Levi Saunders

But I'm definitely going to be watching little Narwhal's story as he gets the care he needs and hopefully goes on to find the perfect forever home.

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