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Single Woman Asks 'Random Guy' For A Kiss In Romantic Eiffel Tower Photo

We've all seen those beautiful photos of couples kissing in front of some of the world's most amazing sights. They're ubiquitous because they're romantic and special and it's understandable that some people might dream of taking their own one day.

Kristiana Kuqi is one of those people and when a relationship broke up, she didn't let their planned trip to Paris go to waste.

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Instead of taking the trip with her now-ex, she took a girlfriend, but that didn't change the fact that she had dreamed of that romantic photo for a long time.

She and her friend were taking pictures around the Eiffel Tower when she saw a "gorgeous guy" and remembered her wish for a kissing photo.

Instagram | @kristianakuqi

"I tell my friend my idea of asking this guy for a kiss and we are both kind of freaking out about it," she told Metro.

"So I just approach him and say, 'Hey do you speak English?'"

She made sure to cover all of the important details.

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"He replies 'yes' then I ask 'do you have a girlfriend?' He says 'no'.

"So I look at him, trying my best to keep my cool and ask, 'Will you kiss me right there in front of the Eiffel Tower for a picture?'

"He said 'yes, of course' so that’s how it started."

For her, it wasn't so much about the kiss as it was the self-confidence.

She used to be very self-conscious, but has learned to push that aside in favor of having a great photo and adrenaline rush from the asking.

Since then, she's done it again in Rome and plans to keep up the practice.

Instagram | @kristianakuqi

Having tons of photos is very important to Kristiana, for a very powerful reason: "Well I'm very big on pictures. I lived through a genocide in Kosovo, so I never got to have pictures of myself as a kid and the ones we did have were burned in the war," she told LADbible.

h/t: LABbible, Metro